Rain Gods shower mercy

I was in Grade 5 when for the first time I saw and remember what a flood can look like. I had gone to school, just like any other day except that i was soaking in rain. On returning that evening i saw that the path near the bridge i had walked over that morning was covered with flowing water from the river. There was water all around my house, and i can vaguely remember some hands helping me move across the flood hit road to safety. That night we had to pack and leave for my native until the floods receded. Thats’ my first experience with rain, floods and panic. Little did i know then that my future was blotted with flood water at various intervals.

Nobody would believe me then when i used to say that i have some connection with the rain gods. They shower and flood the place wherever i am in. Well I could give you facts and figure in years and places to support the above.

College life was uneventful and i didn’t cause much rain pain at those times.

After the childhood episodes of flood, the real bang came in 2005, Mumbai floods. I was working in an IT major in Mumbai when the floods hit. I walked for several kms from office wading through water with rain pouring before i got a vehicle which carried me closer to my house. I can’t forget the carcasses of animals that were flowing in water during that walk.That was the worst flood in Mumbai recorded till date.

Next year our family consisting of my hubby, daughter and self moved to Kolkata as part of our job. And the next monsoon Kolkata was badly hit, with our apartment area being very badly hit. I remember sitting with my one year old in the balcony with more than 4 feet water around and not knowing how many days i would have to survive with the ration in the kitchen or if i should take the risk and wade across to my in-laws who stayed just across the street. The situation however lasted for about a week and things turned back to normal.

From then off and on I have seen various levels of high rain, wherever I was living like that in Bangkok, but not to the level flooding.

The next episode of a real flood encounter was the worst, Chennai floods. My husband was on an official trip. I was alone with my kids, dad and a cousin.Before I could actually grasp what was happening water had risen covering my car and waving more than the ground floor area. It was a tough call to take, whether to stay there with all with limited food and water and no power or to step out find a way to reach my hometown and escape. As there was no connection to the outside world I wasn’t even sure if any trains or flights were plying. Finally i made the call and decided to walk out. I still so thankfully remember a neighbor of mine who made a make shift floating channel with curtain rods and some sheets to take my kids and dad out of the apartment, out of water to slightly raised roads. From there catching trains and rickshaws and whatever we got, we reached my hometown the next day morning.

The above episodes had not been completely erased when i was hit once again by the Kerala floods, supposedly the worst of the century. I was there when waters were lashing through Cochin (my hometown) and when sup it was even thought to be an apocalypse.But this time there was a narrow luck because I had flown to Dubai in the last flight that took off from Cochin International airport. Guess the rain Gods got my ticket dates wrong.

So there goes my history of flood encounters. I have been in Dubai for nearly 2 years and when i see the impact of cloud seeding getting better i only cross my fingers.My friends laugh at me saying that if you want it to rain somewhere, keep me for a few years and they will not have to ask for more. Though spoken off in a light note i truly feel today that my horoscope is entwined with rains and in some ways i hope its a blessing!!!

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