Netflix Originals – a personal favorite

If you are yet to take Netflix, do take the trial only if you are sure that you will pay for it their monthly fee. Just because it is so irresistible.

Each serial I see I feel its a notch higher than the previous, be it the plot, be it the character sketch and most important of all the acting. Many a times I have wondered where the Directors picks these faces. I mean they are so apt that the names i hear a second time elsewhere resonates their faces.

I have so become addicted to it that when one of the serial ends i feel i should go back and bid farewell to them. Such original piece of acting to say the least.I have swayed from entire romance piece to murder mysteries to Escobar era, they all seemed like happening outside my door.

It has been a real pleasure and a good friend for the last many months, maybe i can outlive staying without my laptop and WhatsApp but not without Netflix 😉

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