Zoom my family pls..

I have started forgetting how it was before Corona. Was it just taking the keys and purse for a drive sufficient, was finding the pair of sock for the shoe the biggest headache of a morning walk, was running to the nearby bakery for a loaf of bread for breakfast that simple..i really didnt know these things were so easy until the virus hit.

Now with all the social distancing in place and extended families spreading all over the globe, all we can think of connecting is by zooming or thru such networking facilities..isnt it?

And today was such a day when we had a small get together arranged for a Family Zoom @ 6pm. By 5 i had hurried and finished my cooking, asked the kids and hubby to get decently dressed, swept and mopped the house, found a suitable place for the laptop so all could see all of us in one frame and were all set before the camera dot 6..

While sitting there and waiting for the rest of the family to join in, it struck me that for the zoom meeting i was doing exactly the same things as i would if we were expectg guests over, clean and tidy the house , deck up a bit, finish your chores so you get time and so on..

Today zoom brought guests home, we are sèeing faces through them, they are judging us, laughing with us, being a part of the evening banter.

How times have changed, how we have changed and more so how the faces thru the screens seem like sitting beside us on the sofa..

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